Modern princesses who changed the face of royal fashion

For eons, royal fashion has thrived on its conservative and traditional beliefs, in the sense that it has always been limiting and uniform. Weaved with the most expensive fabric and laden with precious adornments, the royal dresses have surely pleased the eyes of the general public. However, with a change in the tides of time, royal fashion has evolved into a bold and beautiful way to portray something that is beyond royal values and customs.

One of the first icons of contemporary royal fashion was Princess Diana, who stirred a revolution with her ‘revenge dresses’. Joining the league, were her daughter-in-laws, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, who have also altered the lens with which we have been looking at royal fashion for centuries. However, that’s not all.

Apart from these showstoppers, here are some of the many modern princesses around the world who have changed the face of royal fashion.

Photo: Tim Graham/Getty images

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