Groups & schedule for maiden ICC U19 Women’s T20 World Cup announced: India placed alongside hosts South Africa

The International Cricket Council have announced the schedule and the final groups for the first U19 Women’s T20 World Cup in South Africa in early 2023. The 16-team competition, 11 full ICC members and five associate teams, will be played across 15 days in January next year and will constitute a total of 41 matches across the group and knockout stages.

Hosts South Africa share Group D alongside India, United Arab Emirates and Scotland.

Indonesia and Rwanda are the two first-time participants in an ICC world event. While Indonesia beat Papua New Guinea to win the East Asia-Pacific group qualifiers back in July while Rwanda became the final team to qualify for the competition after beating Tanzania earlier this week.

Australia and Bangladesh from Group A will kick off the tournament on Saturday, January 14. The group stage will be followed by Super Six beginning from January 20, the two semifinals on January 27 and the final on January 29.

“For us as an organisation, the inaugural ICC U19 Women’s T20 World Cup holds a special place in our hearts,” said Cricket South Africa (CSA) CEO, Pholetsi Moseki in a press release after the fixtures were announced.


Group A: Australia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka & United States of America.

Group B: England, Pakistan, Zimbabwe & Rwanda.

Group C: Ireland, Indonesia, New Zealand & West Indies.

Group D: India, South Africa, UAE & Scotland.


Date Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4
January 14 AUS v BAN (1.30 pm IST) UAE v SCO (1.30pm IST) RSA v IND (5.15pm IST) SL v USA (5.15pm IST)
January 15 PAK v RWA (1.30pm IST) WI v IRE (1.30pm IST) ENG v ZIM (5.15pm IST) NZ v INA (5.15pm IST)
January 16 IND v UAE (1.30pm IST) SL v BAN (1.30pm IST) RSA v SCO (5.15pm IST) AUS v USA (5.15pm IST)
January 17 NZ v IRE (1.30pm IST) ZIM v RWA (1.30pm IST) ENG v PAK (5.15pm IST) WI v INA (5.15pm IST)
January 18 AUS v SL (1.30pm IST) BAN v USA (1.30pm IST) RSA v UAE (5.15pm IST) IND v SCO (5.15pm IST)
January 19 IRE v INA (1.30pm IST) ENG v RWA (1.30pm IST) NZ v WI (5.15pm IST) ZIM v PAK (5.15pm IST)
January 20 A4 v D4 (1.30pm IST) B4 v C4 (5.15pm IST)
January 21 C3 v B1 (1.30pm IST) B3 v C1 (1.30pm IST) A1 v D2 (5.15pm IST) D1 v A2 (5.15pm IST)
January 22 D1 v A3 (5.15pm IST) C2 v B3 (5.15pm IST)
January 23 D3 v A2 (5.15pm IST) B2 v C3 (5.15pm IST)
January 24 C1 v B2 (5.15pm IST) D2 v A3 (5.15pm IST)
January 25 B1 v C2 (5.15pm IST) D3 v A1 (5.15pm IST)
January 27 Semifinal 1 (1.30pm IST) Semifinal 2 (5.15pm IST)
January 29 Final (5.15pm IST)

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