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Cancer symptom: Three types of cancers that can cause back pain; know when to see a doctor

Along with back pain, here are the other symptoms of these three cancers: -Bladder cancer symptoms include frequent urination, blood in the urine, and pain during urination. -Spinal cancer signs also include numbness, weakness, poor coordination in arms and legs, and paralysis. -Lung cancer signs include coughing up blood, persistent …

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Symptoms of hypothyroidism: Notice these changes in your face

The MSD Manual describes symptoms of hypothyroidism as “subtle and insidious.” According to the health body, the most commonly reported symptoms include fluid retention and puffiness, especially periorbital, tiredness, cold intolerance and mental fogginess. However, changes in the facial expressions can also be a tell-tale sign of hypothyroidism. “Facial expressions …

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